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See the forecast for 2050
Sign the pledge
See the forecast for 2050
Sign the pledge
See the forecast for 2050
Sign the pledge
See the forecast for 2050
Take the climate pledge and change the future for our kids.
Climate change is happening now.
The sooner we act, the better the future for our kids and the next generations.
Sign a pledge to take climate action on behalf of the children in your life and next generations.
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The 2050 forecast for

makes coffee from one of Sub Saharan Africa’s regenerative farms.

Once endangered by heat and drought, wetland restoration has rejuvenated the African coffee trade and the local economy.

zips to work on an electric motorbike, through a vibrant community.

With easy access to affordable solar energy, schools, hospitals, and businesses have cropped up everywhere.

At work as an electrical engineer, manages the community solar field.

Africa’s Mini Grid Project has provided over 675 million people with clean electricity.

joins friends for lunch at a local, outdoor spot. With more water for irrigation and fewer food shortages, dinner is bountiful and affordable.

walks home under clear skies. Removing heat-trapping pollution from the atmosphere has improved air quality drastically, preventing 800,000 premature deaths in Africa alone.

07 : 00

wakes up breathing clearly.

Since carbon and other pollution stopped filling the atmosphere, air quality has improved dramatically and respiratory illnesses have decreased exponentially.

takes a solar powered boat to work at a new, green hydrogen plant, which uses clean energy from the wind to make more clean energy from water.

The clean hydrogen market in Asia Pacific has exploded and is valued at US$645 billion.

For lunch, goes to a sustainable fishery.

Since Asia adopted indigenous fishing practices and passed laws to limit catch, fish populations have flourished and subsistence farmers are thriving.

visits a friend in a once endangered village. But thanks to mangrove restoration projects, coastal erosion is a thing of the past.

heads home, which is two feet higher than it was in the morning, thanks to floating island architecture that adapts to rising and falling tides, preventing flooding.

07 : 00

takes the scenic route to work, passing through a nature preserve that was rewilded on the site of an old coal mine.

takes a pollution-free water taxi to an offshore clean energy island.

Now commonplace, these islands harness energy from wind turbines and transmit it via underwater cables. In 2050, they power most of Europe.

At a late lunch with colleagues, reminisces about how bad European fruit and vegetables tasted before the EU banned the use of fertilizers and pesticides and restored nutrients to local soil.

meets friends at the fully-electric Grand Prix. Looking back, it’s crazy to think how slow those combustion engine cars were compared to the sleek new EVs.

08 : 00

wakes up and makes tea. Thanks to solar-powered wells, water flows freely in a once drought-plagued community.

takes an electric bus to work and meets with teams at a hydroponic farm that’s helped local farmers reduce water use by 70%.

returns home for lunch with the family.

Once forced to leave the region because of heat and droughts, younger generations have returned and re-opened family farms.

picks fresh tomatoes and mint from an indoor, clean energy powered vertical farm. Nothing that goes into dinner tonight will have had to travel more than 20 steps.

recycles food waste from dinner to create biogas that powers homes in the neighborhood. Because the initiative is community-owned, gets paid for every pound of waste provided.

08 : 00

wakes up to the sound of the once-endangered red-faced parrot.

Green climate funds have restored species and ecosystems that were on the verge of disappearing.

checks orders that came in overnight.

Thanks to a local agricultural coop, has grown this small organic coffee farm into a sustainable, international business.

monitors an AI system that prevents deforestation.

Sensors on trees scan for the sound of chainsaws and alert land stewards of potential problems.

teaches an online course about how to set up a deforestation-free supply chain. This business has revolutionized farming and set standards for competitors.

Dinner on the farm is the best part of ’s day. Regenerative farming has brought back plants and animals and created a bounty no one thought possible in 2023. Everyone makes a dish and they feast.

05 : 00

wakes up cozy and warm thanks to an electric heat pump.

Gas powered appliances (and the indoor pollution they produced) are a thing of the past.

has a business meeting a couple hours away, which means renting an electric car.

People in cities increasingly use EV shares to save money and not deal with parking.

gives a presentation on agrovoltaics,

which means growing crops and grazing cattle among solar panels or wind turbines, doubling land productivity and making farmers rich.

picks up groceries. Less carbon pollution in the atmosphere means less droughts and floods, bringing the price of groceries down and saving families money.

heads to a neighborhood basketball game. Old power plants have been made into green spaces, creating more public parks for community activity.

07 : 00
The future of our kids and next generations can be healthy and abundant.
But, without your help, this forecast will be a fantasy.
Here are important climate actions you can take today:
Move the money
Make your money work for climate solutions: Whether it is the choice of products you purchase, the investments you make, or your pension funds. Arm yourself with the knowledge to take the right decisions for strong climate impact on the acceleration and scale of the transition.
What is your country doing?
Find out what your country is doing to achieve the Paris climate agreement: Every country has a national pledge on climate change (Nationally Determined Contribution or NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. The agreement calls on nations to reduce emissions and find climate solutions. Learn about it and urge leaders and policymakers to be bold in defining and delivering climate action.
Get involved, take action
Learn about impactful actions you can take in your daily life: The UN Act Now campaign spells out how we can protect our environment and slow climate change, from forests to oceans to everywhere in between. Think about your electricity use and your travel. Check your dinner table. Reuse whatever you can. The possibilities for action are many – and add up fast.
Watch Climate Action Explained
The Climate Action Explained videos outline the many impressive efforts and climate solutions already underway around the world – many of which are supported by UNDP’s work. The series, narrated by UNDP’s Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, aims to demystify what climate action looks like in reality.
Get to know UNDP in depth
Many of the positive outcomes you have experienced are achievable because of UNDP programmes that exist today across the globe: Learn more and spread the voice.
Peek at our future weather
UNDP HDR has detailed predictions for future weather and impacts to all of our lives: Built upon scientific research, the platform serves as a dynamic digital public resource that visualizes impacts of climate change on people and its implications for human development, showing the effects we face today and how they are projected to evolve over the 21st century.